Let’s Enjoy Kyoto Tours with A Knowledgeable Guide!

Explore Kyoto's hidden gems and highlights in a day with our guided tours! A knowledgeable and friendly guide will help you experience daily life and interact with locals during the tour.

Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan, is home to numerous historical sites and trendy shops and restaurants that offer a beautiful blend of old and new. You can stroll along the Kamogawa River, explore many shrines and temples scattered throughout the city, sample local delicacies and street food at Nishiki Market, or take a hike up Mt. Kifune. Everywhere you go in Kyoto, you'll feel transported back in time!

Best Tours in Kyoto

Discover the top tours in Kyoto with Japan Wonder Travel to make your trip an unforgettable experience.

Kyoto Food and Drink Tour at Nishiki Market & Gion

This local Kyoto Food and Drink Tour will take you on a food adventure through Nishiki Market, a stroll to two picturesque traditional districts, Pontocho Alley along the Kamogawa River, and Gion District, the biggest Geisha district in Kyoto.
This day experience takes you on an intriguing, fun, and cultural adventure with tasting unique street foods around the center of Kyoto City.

¥11,500~, 3 hours

Kyoto Private Tour: 8-Hour Guided Walking Tour

Join us on a Kyoto private tour to fully immerse yourself in the local culture and gain a deeper understanding of Japan.
With over 85 million tourists flocking to Kyoto's attractions, having a private guide to navigate the city is essential for a successful trip. Explore the wonders of Kyoto in just one day with our professional guide!

¥60,000~, 8 hours

Kyoto Food and Drink Tours

Kyoto Food and Drink Tour at Nishiki Market & Gion

¥11,500~, 3 hours

Kyoto Food and Drink Tour at Arashiyama

¥13,000~, 3 hours

Kyoto Private Highlights Tours

Kyoto Private Tour: 8-Hour Guided Walking Tour

¥60,000~, 8 hours

Kyoto 4-Hour Highlight Private Walking Tour [Customizable]

¥35,000~, 4 hours

Kyoto Private Half Day Tour (Fushimi Inari Shrine, Sanjusangendo Temple)

¥23,000〜, 4 hours

Total Kyoto Experience - Private Walking Tour (Customized, 10 Hours)

¥75,000~, 10 hours

Kurama & Kibune Private Trekking Tour in the Sacred Forest

¥35,000~, 7 hours

Kyoto Day Trip Tours

Here are some popular tourist attractions which are easily accessible and can make a day trip from Kyoto.
Nara's park and streets with roaming deer, Osaka's vibrant shopping streets, Hiroshima's famous floating shrine on the water, and Kobe's beautiful port, combine those attractions in your Kyoto itinerary and discover the area's best!

Nara World Heritage Private Walking Tour from Kyoto

¥60,000~, 8 hours

Osaka Highlights Private Walking Tour

¥60,000~, 8 hours

Hiroshima Private Tour [Customizable 7 Hours]

¥53,000~, 7 hours

Kobe 1–Day Highlights Private Walking Tour [Customizable, 7 Hours]

¥53,000~, 7 hours

Why you should join the tours in Kyoto

You can explore Kyoto on your own but it’s much easier and fruitful if you explore with a local guide. Not only do the guides know about the area, but also they can tell a story along the way about the history and culture deeply rooted in the daily lives of local people. They can take you to the must-visit spots as well as locally known places that are hidden from tourists. These are experiences you can only get from guided tours! Your guide will navigate through Kyoto to ensure smooth transportation, interpret everything for you to get over the language barrier, and become a great travel partner.

Japan Wonder Travel team is a passionate team of seasoned travelers, and they offer original tours that cater to a variety of interests and preferences. With their expertise and attention to detail, you can rest assured that your Kyoto adventure will be nothing short of remarkable.

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